Spotify is showing sponsored songs to some free users

Spotify has begun showing its free-tier users sponsored songs, something presented as part of a test that may see a wider rollout in the future. The sponsored songs are showing up for some users in both the mobile app and on desktop, showing up within existing playlists. The songs are opt-out, meaning users will see them unless they specifically choose not to. How widely the sponsored songs are being distributed isn't clear.

Spotify users recently began reporting seeing the songs, providing screenshots on Twitter and elsewhere. The company has since confirmed the test's existence to The Verge, saying that they're only being shown to free users. However, a couple users have claimed online to be premium subscribers who are getting the sponsored songs.

According to users, the songs appear at the top of the playlist with an option to save the song. Users say the song announces that it is sponsored before it plays, however it doesn't seem a sponsored tag is presented visually. At least some users are also given the option to disable these sponsored songs by toggling off the option in their account settings.

If you're seeing the sponsored songs within your account, you can check for the option to disable them under Settings > Display Options (on desktop), or 'Sponsored Content' (on mobile). The option is listed as 'show sponsored songs' and it is turned on by default. As this is currently a test, it is unclear whether the feature will remain and, if it does, when it will roll out to everyone.