Spotify Hits 1.4 Million Users And 175,000 Paying Customers In US

Spotify launched in the US less than a month ago and it's already proving that it could be just as popular stateside as it's been in Europe. Two weeks after launch, the music streaming service was rumored to have hit 70,000 paying subscribers. Well, new numbers are leaked now that reveal the service is still growing rapidly.

According to the latest figures leaked, Spotify has signed up 1.4 million users total in the U.S. That may be impressive, but what's more amazing is that the company has also more than doubled their paid subscriber base within the last two weeks.

The majority of these paying customers are subscribed to the $10 per month plan that allows for ad-free streaming as well as the ability to stream to both iPhones and Android handsets. The latest count reveals that Spotify currently has 175,000 paying customers in the US.

This is a huge difference from rivals such as MOG and Rdio, which have each yet to reach 100,000 users after a year. Longstanding Rhapsody took several years to reach its current number of 800,000 paying customers.

However, this conversion rate is still less than what Spotify is used to in Europe. Here in the US only about 12.5 percent of free subscribers convert to a premium plan, while in Europe that number is 15 percent.

[via AllThingsD]