Spotify for Blackberry preview supports some models

Spotify has turned out to be a very popular music service in the US now that it has finally launched. Spotify has been raking in huge numbers of users since its deal with Facebook and you can bet a bunch of those users are on Blackberry smartphones. Spotify has announced a new preview of the Spotify for Blackberry app.

The company points out that the preview is unsupported so you use them at your own risk. The preview software also only supports specific Blackberry handsets. The app has been tested on the 9780/9700/9000 Bold handsets and the 8520 Curve. Spotify specifically notes that the Torch 9800 and smartphones on GSM networks and CDMA networks are not compatible at this time.

You can hop over the Spotify at this link, and download the preview app on a compatible phone from the device's browser. If you like what the app is and want, it to make it to a normal feature let Spotify know. Let us know how well it works in the comments below.