Spotify for Apple Watch finally gets the feature we've been waiting for

After a couple of months of testing, it appears that Spotify is ready to bring its most important feature to Apple Watch. Users have started reporting the ability to stream Spotify directly on their wearable, a feature that some competitors have offered for a while, without having to stay shackled to their iPhones. Spotify has since confirmed that it is rolling out the new streaming capability.

It has been a couple of years since Spotify introduced its Apple Watch app, but it lacked some features we've seen from platforms like Pandora, effectively making the watch a remote control for the iPhone.

Things finally started to change back in September when some Spotify users started seeing a beta feature for streaming Spotify directly on their wrist.

Spotify started quietly rolling out this feature to everyone in recent days as evidenced by a spike in reports from Spotify users who say they can now stream the service on the Apple Watch. Rather than using their iPhone, users can stream podcasts and music on the wearable using WiFi or cellular data.

Users report direct access to their music library and recently played content, according to 9to5Mac, but apparently lack the ability to search using the Apple Watch app, meaning Siri must be used to retrieve other content.

Spotify since confirmed to Engadget that it is rolling the feature out to Spotify on Apple Watch following its 'initial testing period' reported in September. It's unclear how long users may have to wait for the feature to roll their way.