Spotify Apps touts 1500 years of play

In just three months it appears that Spotify's own Spotify Apps platform has sprouted up some undeniably successful offshoots including such gems as their own versions of Soundrop, Tunewiki, and SpotOn Radio, and the report coming in today is that there's some impressive numbers to go with the tunes! First Moodagent, an app we checked out when the Spotify Apps platform was first dropped – it's boasting a cool 3.5 million playlists a week now, each of them inside their own "playlists to match your mood" umbrella with "Happy Quick" taking the crown over the now not as heavy "Angry" mood.

Then there's no less than everyone's favorite SpotOn Radio – this app was built directly on Spotify's mobile platform as all great Spotify Apps applications are, and its claim to fame this week is that in these first three short months since birth it's already gone to the number 6 spot for the iPhone app store! That's number 6 in the Swedish iPhone app store, but still! Next there's Tunewiki, an app with which users can sing along to lyrics of songs being played as they're being played: this app now has over 100,000 songs in it's "wiki" of tunes edited or synced for users to enjoy and sing along to.

Of course you cannot forget about Soundrop, an app which allows you to hang out in "rooms" made according to genre or theme, beats blasting according to your general preferences. This app's claim to fame now is users listening to over 15 million songs in the month of February on its own. This number is equivalent to Spotify's entire catalog – or 100 years of music total!

Finally there's Spotify's whole apps platform as a whole, boasting today that users have as of today spent 1500 years within Spotify-related apps from the Spotify Apps platform since launch time. That's absolutely wacky! It would appear that Spotify is doing better than ever, with songs and apps surrounding those songs sticking around for the foreseeable future, no doubt!

[via Spotify]