Spotify and Sonos team to stream Spotify tracks all around the house

Sonos has been streaming music all around people's homes without any wires for a long time now. At the same time, Spotify has been around and streaming tunes that music fans really love. Sonos and Spotify have announced that they are teaming up for a new offering.

The Sonos S5 wireless music system will get the ability to stream Spotify all around the house without needing a computer and with no need to dock a music player. Exactly when the new feature will be added is unknown, Sonos only says, "coming soon."

Spotify on the Sonos S5 will require a premium account with Spotify and will let the user search for any artist, album, and track to play in whatever room the S5 is plugged into. The Spotify music will stream at 320 kbps. The service will only work in the countries where Spotify is available.