Spotify adds new desktop client features

If you weren't impressed by the dating apps that Spotify announced yesterday, maybe the new features it detailed on its blog today will be of more use. The company has added several new features to its desktop apps, including instant search, playlist-based radio stations, and new sharing options. A new embed option is also available which copies HTML code for pasting on websites and forums.

Instant Search acts as you would imagine, with real time results being delivered to the search bar as you type for a song, artist, or album. The embed option means you can right click any song and select the "Copy embed code" which will save the HTML code to your clipboard. You can then paste that code to any form that accepts HTML input in order to embed a playable button for others to click.

Spotify now includes new sharing options, allowing users to post directly to Tumblr, and shortens the music link for Twitter automatically using the new URL Last but not least, you can start a new radio based on the current playlist or album that you're browsing. The updated desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS X will start rolling out today, so keep an eye out for the new version alert.

[via The Verge]