Spontaneously smoking iMac caught on camera [Video]

With all the talk of iPhone and iPod touch spontaneous combustion, it's about time we've heard from some other members of the Apple family with heated ambitions.  According to Chinese tech site cnbeta, the video you can see after the cut was filmed by an office worker as his iMac suddenly began to gush white smoke.

The smoke then turned black, at which point the user decided that rather than concentrate on filming he should probably cut the power.

Somewhat comically, the original poster apparently asks "What would Jobs think if he is watching this video?"  I've no hotline to the Apple head-honcho, but I'd like to think he'd be screaming "hang on, that colored smoke doesn't exactly match the hue of the iMac's casing!" and calling for the head of the company's Official Smoke Designer.

There's no word of vast swathes of iMacs catching fire, so nothing to suggest that this isn't anything more than an isolated incident.  Still, if your computer – Apple or otherwise – begins smoking, our SlashGear top tip is to unplug first and film later.

[via Cloned in China]