Splitfish Unveils Fragfx Shark 360 Controller System For Xbox 360

We have talked about the Splitfish controllers for console gamers and computer gamers before. The last time I mentioned the company was in September of last year when the new FragFX controller system was announced for the PS3, PC, and Mac gamers to take advantage of. The Xbox 360 was left out with the last controller system from Splitfish.

The company is back with a new controller system called the Fragfx Shark 360 and as the name hints this controller is specifically for the Xbox 360 game console. The Shark 360 will work on the PC and Mac computers too. The Shark 360 is made to allow the console gamer to have a mouse in one hand and a joystick controller in the other so they can play FPS titles on the Xbox 360 with controls similar to those on the PC.

Splitfish says that this is the perfect controller for the gamer looking at getting the coming new Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty titles. The idea of the mouse controller has the familiar colored Xbox 360 buttons. The Shark 360 is a wireless controller that uses a USB dongle to connect to the console with 2.4GHz technology. The controllers are good for 50 hours of play on a charge and support headphones and chat in games as well. Pricing is unannounced and the Fragfx Shark 360 will land in Europe on October 10.