Splitfish announces street date for Fragfx controllers for PS3, Mac, and PC

Splitfish has been on the market for a while now with controllers that bring a mouse to the gaming consoles like the PS3 allowing fans to play shooters and other titles with a mouse as they would on the PC. Splitfish has now announced the street date for several of its new controllers for the Mac, Pc, and PS3 including the Fragfx Shark, Barracuda, and Piranha.

All three of the new controllers will be on the market on November 1 to coincide with the launch of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game. All of the controllers look the same with half a game console control pad for movement in the left hand and a mouse with several buttons for the right hand.

The controllers run on a single AA battery good for 50 hours of gaming. The shark is a wireless controller while the Barracuda and Piranha are wired controllers. The Shark will sell for $89.99, the Barracuda will be $69.99, and the Piranha will be $49.99.