Spinner 360 Leather Edition camera takes lomography to a strange new place

There are two main hero features on the camera you're about to witness: the first being that it's essentially got a drawstring that'll blast the lens around in a 360 degree circle so you can capture the area you're in in a full panorama scene. The second bit is that this camera is clad in Italian Toledo leather, complete with a lovely thatched pattern so you're in style in the field. Take it out to a field full of cows for ultimate odd artistic appeal.

What more could you want than a camera that spins its head around in a circle so you can grab the whole scene? This obsession with capturing really, really long photos is not new, nor is it an abnormality here in this current mobile landscape we're in. It's become such an interest that the newest version of Google's mobile OS Android has a built-in function to essentially do the same thing you can do with this camera. This camera though, is a fabulous piece of hardware in and of itself. Hold the pole and pull the string!

This camera is currently available for all you holiday shoppers who've got a bunch of Christmas cash (or something like it) burning a hole in your pocket over at the Lomography shop. This store is full of awesome, by the way, for those of you who've never been there before, especially if you're wanting to grab a camera or three capable of photographing the same stuff you can get with your iPhone apps galore. This way is much, much more fun though, I assure you.