Spielberg says The Force Awakens could be "biggest movie ever"

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg suggests that Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be the "biggest movie ever" in an interview in France. This week the folks at RTL have published an interview with writer/director Steven Spielberg in which he speaks about Indiana Jones 5 and his latest film "Bridge of Spies", starring Tom Hanks, in addition to making mention of the possibility that he would, if ever, direct a Star Wars film. Spoiler alert: he doesn't think so. It's never been "in his stars" as it were.

The audio you're about to hear comes from an interview Spielberg did with RTL. The question has to do with what Spielberg's relationship with Star Wars has been and will be in the future.

"I'm a true fan of Star Wars," said Spielberg, "but I always felt that it was not in my stars to ever direct one.

"But it was in my stars to admire and attend and see each one numerous times."

"And I think," said Spielberg, cautiously, "that this new Star Wars – could be the BIGGEST movie ever."

While Spielberg did make mention of some other films he was working on – including Ready Player One, which we're also extremely excited about – today's bit is the fast-approaching release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. While the exact context of Spielberg's comment is relatively up in the air, one thing is clear: this director's long-standing relationship with the films is not about to end.

Also note – because of the director's close relationship with many key players in this production of Star Wars The Force Awakens, it's basically a GIVEN that he's seen it in its entirety – at least once. Spielberg is known to have given George Lucas notes on early cuts of each of the previous films as well, and has worked with Kathleen Kennedy on numerous occasions.