Spider-Man Homecoming is Marvel's first solo Spidey film

One of the most exciting things in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War was the brief scene with Spider-Man helping Iron Man's team. I particularly like it when Tony Stark yells out "Underoos!" and Spidey flips into action taking Cap's shield. I totally had those Spider-Man Undergoes growing up. While the first time that Spidey shows up in a Marvel film will be in Civil War, Marvel has already announced the title of Spidey's first solo film under the Marvel umbrella.

The film will be called Spider-Man Homecoming. The title makes sense considering Marvel finally has the rights to one of its most iconic characters from Sony. Before you get too excited, the film won't hit theaters until July 7, 2017. We also know who will play Spider-man in the Marvel version of the films.

Spider-Man will be played by Tom Holland and Aunt May will be played by Marisa Tomei. Tom Holland probably isn't a name that most of us recognize. Holland is British and his best-known role was playing Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theater in London. He was also in a 2012 film called "The Impossible."

The first glimpse of Spider-Man in Marvel action will come May 6, 2016 when Captain America: Civil War opens. We've know for a while now that Spidey would be in the film but exactly how big a role Spiderman will play is unknown at this time. We hope that the cameo we see in the film trailer isn't the only part Spider-Man plays.

SOURCE: Marvel