Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 shows Avengers beatdown

The movie might be called Captain America: Civil War, but it looks more like an Avengers flick in the second trailer for the film that has just been released. The trailer shows Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and a slew of other Avengers as they fight among themselves. In part of the trailer, Tony Stark tells Cap that the Avengers need to be put in check.

Cap tells Stark he can't just leave a bad situation alone. The problem for the Avengers is that every time they get into a brawl with a bad guy, a city is destroyed. The crux of the trailer is that some government official is essentially telling the Avengers that people are afraid of them. In one brief scene in the trailer, it appears that Ant Man is there and we expect that from the end credit scenes of one of the past Marvel flicks.

What we might not expect is to see Spiderman in the film. Sure Spidey is part of the Marvel canon, but he is also not seen with the Avengers on film. He does have a bromance with Deadpool in the comics, but sadly Deadpool isn't in Civil War. We heard last summer that Spiderman would be in Civil War and this trailer gives us a look at Spidey, called Underoos by Iron Man.

The downside to Spiderman in this trailer is that he looks very animated and not at all like a real person. We also got word last summer that some of the Avengers might start popping up in Spiderman movies with Sony. Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, only a couple months away. I'll be glad to watch this film, I'm not a huge fan of Captain America alone and I am glad to see other superheroes in the flick that I do like.