Sphero robotic ball now available in the UK

Playing with some types of balls in public can be troublesome and irritating to onlookers. We've all seen guys in public standing around throwing a football with no respect to people trying to walk by. However, if the balls you're playing with happen to be the robotic Sphero type, odds are other people will join in the play thanks to the easy to control nature. If you happen to live in the UK, you'll be glad to hear that you can now get your hands on your own robotic balls.

The Sphero robotic ball is now available to purchase in the UK and brings with it all the fun that has been available in the US for a long time now. There are over 20 apps to choose from including multiple player apps and arcade-style games to be enjoyed with your Sphero. The games include Drive allowing you to race Sphero around an obstacle course of your own design.

Multiple Sphero balls can be controlled at one time using separate control devices. One Sphero can also be controlled by multiple devices. Those devices include any Android or iOS device. Sphero balls can also be used as a controller for games on your Android or iOS device by holding it to tilt, turn, and aim.

The company behind Sphero offers a SDK allowing users to create their own apps to enjoy your balls in even more exciting ways. Sphero is available in the UK for £99.99 and can be purchased from MenKind and online from Amazon or Firebox among others.