Sphero Robotic Ball Debuts Developer Program At Google I/O

Since the PlayStation Network is down, have you considered other forms of game play? Well, how about a robotic ball that can be controlled directly from your smartphone to do all kinds of crazy maneuvers in the real physical world? No? But Orbotix has. The company created a robotic ball called Sphero, the first of its kind. Now, they're opening up the API behind what controls this amazing sphere by unveiling their Sphero developer program at Google I/O.

Orbotix is touting an open and absolute killer of an API and they are seeking the smartest developers to help reinvent the concept of play with Sphero. Developers who register for the program will have access to the full SDK for both Android and iOS platforms, sample apps, developer guides access to developer forums and an idea portal, exclusive hack-a-thons, bounties, contests, and educational discounts. Developers that register now can get a Sphero at a special discounted rate with early delivery, early access to software features, access to new prototypes, and may even have a chance to win a free Sphero.

To develop a killer app for the Sphero you wont actually need to have one. However, Orbotix will be hosting various Hack-a-thons for their developers to code and test with the robotic ball present. It may take them awhile to deliver the Sphero into developer hands, but they'd like to build up a community of active developers first. They will be at the opening reception of Google I/O this evening.

To register for the Sphero developer program go to www.goshero.com/developer

Watch Sphero robotic balls in action: