Sphaeron Excalibur puts a large marching band in your living space

James Allan Brady - Nov 30, 2007

If you ever thought a tuba and a baritone’s horns would make good speakers, it turns out you were right. As proven by these speakers enclosing 4 subwoofers and a ceiling-high box and then letting what literally looks like the bells from those two instruments be the only outlet for sound, you get some amazing sound quality.

There also appears to be a rather large tweeter on the side too. The efficiency of this speaker is amazing at 100dB/1watt/1meter and the amplifier outputs a mere 15 watts.

If you want the full dimensions of this behemoth, its 90.5x59x51.2 inches and weighs in at 1364 pounds each. You can get the horns in your choice of automotive finishes, and you can buy them for an astronomical $387,700 right now. Trust me, if I were a millionaire, I’d have a pair of these in my gaming/computer room.

Sphaeron Excalibur: Raising limits of dimension and variability [via bornrich]

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