Speedy Futaba robot to cost $1200

Now we've got a robot with human-like hands, so that they can pinch us as we walk past, but what if we'd like to be chased around the garden first?  So far the commercially available bots have been pretty darned sedentary – they can walk, sure, but they're not going to win any speed races.  So let's start praying for the day that Futaba's latest robot reaches the hands of enthusiasts – at ten inches tall and 900g he might not be big, but the eleven high-torque servos in his legs means he sure is fast!  Make sure you check out the video after the cut...

So how much would you expect to pay for the little blighter?  $1200 sound okay?  That's the projected street price, anyway.  The modular, snap-together design makes not only initial construction but progressive development easy, and Futaba's motion-editing software means that the fifteen in-built movement sequences can easily be added to.

The final price and release date are yet to be announced.

Futaba [via The Raw Feed]