Speck unveils new CandyShell Wrap for iPad

Speck has been making some really cool and nice accessories for all sorts of mobile gear for a long time now. Among its offerings are all sorts of cases for the iPhone that offer style and protection for your device. Speck has unveiled an interesting case for the iPad today called the CandyShell Wrap for iPad.

The case isn't shipping just yet, but will cost you $59.95 when it does. It has a very cool design that has a removable flip close lid that can be folded into a stand to prop the screen up for watching movies and video. The hard shell case has a soft rubber lining to prevent scratches and absorb shock when dropped.

The case also has a flip-back panel to allow the iPad to be docked and to be used with the keyboard dock. The button and port covers are rubber to offer protection. The case measures 0.87" x 8.39" x 9.8" and it weighs 14.8 ounces.