Speck Pocket VR viewer case is a durable, foldable Google Cardboard replacement

Mobile virtual reality on our smartphones is one of the newer technologies that's sure to take off in 2016, and while Google has already come up with what's probably the cheapest, easiest option with its Cardboard headset, Speck has something that's a bit more durable and portable, but still simple to use. At CES 2016, the smartphone case-maker debuted its Pocket VR viewer, a case for the iPhone 6 & 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 that unfolds into a headset.

When opened up from its collapsed position, the Pocket VR then attaches to a phone that's already inside one of Speck's CandyShell Grip cases. From there, it functions just like Cardboard, being held up to one's face, possibly with a more comfortable fit.

When finished exploring VR content, users remove their phone, and the Pocket VR folds down into a slim, self-contained form that's easy to transport. Even better is that the case is certified to work with content formatted for Google Cardboard, and that Speck has partnered with Jaunt, a producer of cinematic VR content, to make the Pocket VR offers the best mobile virtual reality experience.

Speck says the Pocket VR will be available starting in the spring, priced at $70. That might seem a bit steep, especially compared to the near dirt-cheap price of Cardboard, but it includes a CandyShell Grip phone case as a set.