Special T-shirts draw geeks for Apple Store Opening in Grand Central

I think we all know that the lengths that some Apple fans will go to get the latest products are impressive. These folks will camp for days to get their hands on the newest gadgets like the iPhone or the iPad. Apparently, some of the people that wait for days or hours in a line for the grand opening of new Apple Stores aren't there to buy gadgets; they are there for the free t-shirts.

I didn't know that Apple gave out limited-edition t-shirts to the folks that were first through the doors of the new Apple Stores when they open. The opening of the Grand Central Apple Store was a few days ago and many of the people there for the opening were adding to the Apple t-shirt collection with new black shirts that had "Apple Store, Grand Central" on the front with a font that looked like a train arrival board.

Apple handed the shirts out to the first 4,000 people through the doors of the store. The odd part is that according to the WSJ, many of the people that get the shirts don't actually wear them. The shirts go into bins as part of their collection never to be worn. Would you wait in line for almost a full day to get a free t-shirt?

[via WSJ]