Special Edition James Patterson book self-destructs in 24 hours

I like to read, but I like to read cool stories with lots of action that I can take my time with. I've been known to mow through a book in an afternoon if it's particularly good. However, I wouldn't want to HAVE to read the book in 24 hours or it disappears. That is exactly what is happening with James Patterson's latest book.

The book is called Private Vegas and the first thousand buyers will get a free digital copy of the book that will disappear 24 hours after you start reading. A countdown clock at the top of the screen ticks off the time you have left to read the book.

Interestingly, readers can steal time from other readers somehow. Exactly how the time theft happens is unknown. While a self-destructing digital book is interesting, there is a single physical copy of the book that will destroy itself as well. If the video is to be believed, it bursts into flames.

The special edition of the book is hugely expensive at $294,038, it's also a very odd amount for a book. Perhaps the number has something to do with the story. You also get a private trip and a fancy five-course meal with James Patterson with your purchase.

SOURCE: Thenextweb