Special dog food recalled, but not for the reason you think

If you purchase special frozen raw pet food or dog food, you should check out a new recall highlighted by the FDA. Bravo Packing is recalling all of its Ground Beef Raw Pet Food and Performance Dog food because of potential contamination with Listeria and Salmonella, which can make pets and humans sick.

A number of recent pet food recalls were over aflatoxin, the by-product of a naturally occurring mold. This new pet food recall from Bravo Packing is not part of that aforementioned recall; rather, these products may be contaminated with foodborne pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella.

As with human foods like deli meats and salads, both pathogens can also be found in pet foods — particularly ones that contain raw meat. Humans who handle pet food contaminated with these pathogens risk contracting an illness from them; as well, contaminated pet food stored near other foods or placed on a surface used to prepare foods can lead to illnesses.

According to the recall notice, an FDA inspection found that samples of the two recalled pet foods contained Listeria and Salmonella. However, no pet or human illnesses have been reported in relation to the recall at this time. The recalled products were sold in 2lb and 5lb plastic sleeves. Consumers who purchased the products are advised to throw them away.

As well, pets who show symptoms of salmonella poisoning, including fever and vomiting, should be taken to a vet. Likewise, humans who handle the food or who have come into contact with pets fed the food should monitor for symptoms of both pathogens and contact a doctor if concerns arise.