Speaky Bluetooth car kit has motion detection and looks cute too

The design of most of the hands free kits for cars is very similar. They all tend to hang from the visor so you can cruise around and talk on the phone without having to take your hands off the wheel. We have talked a lot about Bluetrek around here in the past. The last new item for the company we covered was the cool and small Carbon headset with the carbon fiber boom. Bluetrek has now unveiled the Speaky hands free kit for your car.

The thing that sets this hands free device apart for the masses is that it looks like a little person sitting on the dash. The answer/reject button is in the little figures belly and the arm has the volume control on it. Speaky will speak the instructions for power on and ready to pair as well as other prompts like low battery to the user.

Speaky also has noise cancellation features and an automatic sleep mode that will go into sleep when it is away from your phone for five minutes. The device also has motion sensing and will turn on when it senses the person get into the car. No PIN is needed for paring and it can connect with two devices at one time. The Speaky also supports VoIP with your computer. It measures 77 x 68 x 56mm, has up to six hours of talk per charge, and can be on standby for up to 38 days.

[via Bluetrek]