Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth headset gets official

Earlier this month we mentioned that the Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth headset had crossed the FCC. The Carbon is the world's first headset made from carbon fiber. The device has now landed on its official product page on the Bluetrek website.

Along with the official product page comes the full details on the headset as well. The Carbon weighs 5.9g thanks to the carbon fiber boom. It has fast connectivity to your smartphone, a mechanical on/off switch, and voice alerts in three languages. The headset can connect with two mobile devices at one time.

It needs no PIN codes for most mobile phones. The headset is designed to show the battery meter automatically on the iPhone status bar so you can see how much power is left in the device at a glance. It also has a removable pen clip to connect it to a shirt pocket. The Carbon comes with four different earbuds to make for a snug fit. Talk time is up to 4.5 hours with the standby time of up to five days. You can buy the headset now for $69.99.