Speaker Buddies concept is just plain creepy

There are so many speakers out there these days and numerous concepts to boot, but these so-called Speaker Buddies aren't exactly as friendly as they sound. In fact, their overall look is a tad bit unnerving. 

Speaker Buddies are currently just a concept, but they resemble sitting children cowering in a corner or something. I mean, is it just me, or are these kid-like speakers a little scary? SlipperyBrick notes they kind of look like Kenny from Southpark, and I guess that's kind of true. I, on the other hand, envision Children of the Corn kids in hoodies.

Designed by Alex Underwood, the Speaker Buddies are made from polystyrene and feature a speaker where the figure's face should be. No word on whether or not this one will ever hit production, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

[via SlipperyBrick]