Speakal introduces the iPom apple/flower speaker thingy

We have talked about Speakal before, the company is fond of making some cutesy iPod speaker docks that are in the shape of pigs and pandas among other things. Speakal has announced a new speaker dock called the iPom that is shaped like an apple with a couple flowers for speakers.

The design is out there and not as cute as the animal docks we have seen before from the company. The iPom can be had in three colors — white, red, and green — and each has a pair of detachable flowers that are speakers. There isn't a dedicated iPod dock on the iPom, the device uses a standard 3.5mm input jack that will work with any device.

The iPom uses bass reflex technology and is airflow optimized for outstanding sound. Controls are located on the apple section for volume and track. If you want your own iPom you can grab one now for $99.99.