Spawn Labs HD-720: remote console gaming on your PC [Video]

Spawn Labs have announced their HD-720 remote gaming adapter, and from the sound of it they're trying to do to console games what Slingbox did for TV.  The HD-720 hooks up to your console – both Xbox 360 and PS3 are natively supported, with adapters for other versions – and then streams gameplay over WiFi to your PC.  While that might not seem much use if you're at home, it does mean you can keep up with your favorite game while on the road without having to lug your console along with you.Video overview after the cut

All that's required on the remote PC is the Spawn Player app, which when the system comes out of closed beta will be freely downloadable from the company's site.  A gamepad plugs into the computer's USB port, and the system supports multiple players (in suitable games) with a mixture of on-console gamers, remotely on a single PC, or each using their own PC running Spawn Player.

Obviously it requires that you leave the chosen game in the console while you're away, but it does allow you to play while someone else is watching the TV you normally use, or spend some time gaming while travelling.  The Spawn system also means that you can invite a friend to play a multiplayer game without them needing to come over, simply by temporarily granting them remote access and them downloading the Player client app.

The Spawn Labs HD-720 is available to order now, priced at $199.95, and with deliveries expected to kick off from November.  Out of the box it supports a single remote player on Xbox 360 or PS3; extra player adapters – which will mean more than one gamer can play simultaneously in multi-player titles – are available for $29.95.  Similarly, adapters for use with PS2, Xbox and Gamecube are also $29.95.

[via Kotaku]