SparkFun Electric Sheep lets Android fans make their own accessories

One of the things that most people like so much about Android is that the OS is very open. One of the things that you can take advantage of on the Android platform is the open accessory protocol. A company called SparkFun Electronics has a new USB device called Electric Sheep that takes advantage of that open accessory protocol.Electric Sheep is able to allow the user dynamic access to the phone systems to allow the creation of apps and accessories of all sorts. The kit will allow the smartphone to interface with a microcontroller like Arduino. The Electric Sheep boards can be used with anything running the Android OS.

The tech inside the electric Sheep boards is based on an ATMega2560 microcontroller and bootloader. The boards have a USB-host connector for on-board connection. The board supports Arduino IDEA and HandBag and is Arduino-shield compatible. The Electric Sheep board costs $79.95 each and are available now.