brings the IoT to everyone with tiny board

The DIY aficionado has a new toy: the Spark Photon. Today, Spark is releasing their Photon board, which has the ability to add WiFi to just about any device you'd like. About the size of a postage stamp, the Photon is designed more for prototype devices, or the aforementioned tinkerer. While Photon is the board for your WiFi endeavors, Spark is also introducing the P0 and P1 modules, which are what actually go into your end product. The pricing for each is pretty special, too.

If Spark sounds familiar, there's a good reason. If you remember Coco, the cat who discovered vulnerable WiFi networks while doing cat things, then you've probably heard of Spark. The tech there was based on Spark's Kickstarter success with their Core kit, which is a precursor to these final products.

Photon and its modules (P0 and P1) are Spark's first production-ready kit, and work with Spark's web-based OS. The goal is more Internet of Things devices, and Spark hopes their ready-made devices bring them to our homes.

Or, you know, that we build them ourselves.

Founder and CEO of Spark, Zach Supalla, says "We want to make the path from prototype to production quicker and smoother. What started as a simple hacker toolkit is turning into an enterprise-grade solution that's used by engineers at multinational companies to develop their new connected products. We're happy to be supporting some of the top innovators in the world."

If you're ready to start tinkering, the Spark Photon is $19, and the P0 and P1 are $10 and $12, respectively. All can be found via Spark's website (source link below).

Source: Spark