Spain potential first recipients of rumored 3G iPhone

So Spain wasn't lucky enough to get the iPhone this holiday season, partly because of disagreements between Apple and the local carrier, and partly due to a lack of supply for the countries where the iPhone is already being sold. So, they may get their hunger's satiated by the looming possibility of a 3G iPhone come May when they hope to have their agreements with Apple hammered out.

No one has confirmed even the existence, or planned existence of a 3G iPhone, but a rumor like this one adds weight to the theory. There is also no word as to whether the 3G iPhone would be sold alongside the 2.5G one, or whether they would do away with the older model (we all saw what happened to the 4GB model).

Furthermore there is no word whether the battery life would be the same or how much less battery life we can expect, but hey, you can't really to expect to get details on a device that if Apple had their way wouldn't even be thought of. But if they keep giving the details to those loose-lipped carrier executives, they won't have much choice but to unveil the 3G iPhone.

3G iPhone for Spain in May 2008 [via MyiTablet]