SpaceX's Elon Musk wants to visit 'fixer upper planet' Mars

Now that NASA has shuttered their own shuttle program, and Russia is being Russia again, how are we going to get to space? One popular option is SpaceX, which is currently testing re-usable rockets. Currently unmanned, SpaceX's trips to the International Space Station could see passengers soon.

Space X founder and Tony Stark inspiration Elon Musk says SpaceX could transport passengers as well as cargo "in about two to three years". That solves a problem we're having in getting scheduled missions back on (kind of) track, but that's not good enough for Musk and his team.

"We're aspiring to send people to Mars" Musk told Stephen Colbert on last night's The Colbert Report. Amazingly, Musk sees planets like you or I may look at dilapidated housing. "My term for Mars is that it's a 'fixer-upper of a planet.' It's gonna take some work, but it's possible to transform Mars ultimately into an Earth-like planet" he said.

SpaceX has already outpaced expectations, so while going to Mars may sound a bit nuts form a private company — it's not. It wasn't believed SpaceX could actually get to the ISS, or make a rocket that could land back on it's launch pad, or be re-usable. Mars, however, "would be the greatest adventure ever", said Musk. Yeah... maybe just a bit.