SpaceX SN10 test flight recap video makes science fiction reality

Earlier this month, we got to watch as SpaceX put Starship SN10 through its paces. After a couple of test flights that went mostly well but ended in fiery explosions, there were a lot of people interested in seeing if SN10 could be the test flight to break the trend and successfully touch down on the landing pad. SN10 did indeed manage to touch down successfully – only to explode shortly after landing.

If you missed the test and are looking for a highlight reel from it, SpaceX has you covered, as it has published a new recap video of SN10's high-altitude flight. Clocking in at just under two-minutes long, the video shows us only lift off and the eventual descent of Starship SN10, followed by the spacecraft's successful landing. Even those who watched the test happen live will want to check it out, because that landing is quite a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, SpaceX's recap doesn't show the explosion that occurred a short time after Starship landed, which is arguably one of the best parts of the whole show. Still, we imagine that if you're looking for a clip of the explosion, they probably aren't particularly hard to find.

SN10 was the third high-altitude flight test for Starship. These tests, just as the Falcon 9 flights before them, are meant to test Starship's landing capabilities. Starship is powered by three Raptor engines that do a lot of heavy lifting, as they're not only responsible for sending Starship into space, but they're also tasked with turning Starship around out of freefall and bringing the spacecraft back to Earth as gently as possible.

With each high-altitude flight, SpaceX is getting closer to that goal – and one can certainly argue that it met that goal with the SN10 test earlier this month, despite the fact that the craft exploded a few minutes after touchdown. We'll keep an eye out for more details on SN11, but for now, have a look at the recap video embedded above.