SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule attached to the ISS sounds false alarms

Currently, a SpaceX Crewcut Dragon capsule called Resilience is docked with the ISS. The capsule has been docked with the space station since launching last November. Recently, an issue with the capsule sounded some alarms mistakenly that likely gave the crew aboard the space station quite a frightening experience.

According to reports, false emergency messages for Fire, Rapid Depress, and other erroneous messages were issued due to a capsule error. The ISS crew reportedly ran responses for fire, and rapid depress but stood down once stable readings were confirmed. Reports indicated after the suspense that both the capsule and the space station were in good health.

The ISS crew reportedly said that the issue causing the erroneous warning messages was a "Single Event Upset" on one of the Crew Dragon power units that caused a processor to reset. When the processor reset, it output data that the ISS interpreted as a collection of emergencies and off-nominal indications."

Resilience is the capsule that carried ISS crew members to the space station aboard the SpaceX Crew-1 flight that happened in November 2020. That flight was notable for being the first time America was able to put its astronauts into space and onto the ISS from American soil since the space shuttle retired in 2011.

Before Resilience's mission to the ISS, another Crew Dragon capsule called Endeavor had docked with the space station in May 2020. So far, neither SpaceX nor NASA have made official comments on the erroneous error messages. SpaceX has never been afraid to admit to errors and explain what happened. Hopefully, SpaceX will shed light on this issue soon.