Soylent is now available from some 7-Eleven stores

Soylent — it's that bizarro food-drink that has both faithful fans and fervent critics. When it first launched, you had to buy Soylent as a powder, something that itself has gone through multiple iterations. In the relatively recent past, the company expanded beyond that by adding a pre-mixed liquid drink option, but you still had to order it from the company's website or through Amazon. If you're curious to try the stuff for yourself but don't want to shell out for a minimum online order, there's a new option: 7-Eleven stores.

This marks the first time Soylent has been made available to purchase through a physical store rather than through an online store. The drink is now available at some 7-Eleven stores, according to The Verge, but you'll have to be in or near Los Angeles to find them. At the moment, a total of 18 stores have the drink.

It seems demand for the drink is still high despite its issue with sickness in some consumers allegedly caused by the algal flour ingredient. The drink and others like it are particularly popular in the tech industry; Los Angeles seems like an excellent place to introduce it, though whether there's enough demand to introduce it elsewhere is yet to be seen.

As for 7-Eleven, it has agreed to carry the Cafe and Cacao flavors, as well as a new one called Cafe Chai, the name of which describes the flavor. The drinks will be sold individually and premixed, making them an attractive option for those who need a quick meal but forgot to bring their bottle from home or who can't be bothered with keeping an at-home stockpile. The cost through the store isn't clear.

SOURCE: The Verge