South Park Digital Studios announces South Park: Tenorman's Revenge launch date

The newest downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game based on everyone's favorite foul-mouthed cartoon characters will launch on March 30. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge puts players in the shoes of the fictional Colorado town's young inhabitants as they face off against arch rival Scott Tenorman in various scenes and environments from the show. And yeah, all those classic South Park tropes are included.

Among the locations that will be featured in the game are Tynacorp, the Poo-Choo Express, and of course the Trey Parker envisioning of Hell. Players will be tasked with warding off an army of Ginger robots, as well as some of the most iconic creatures from the cartoon series. After all, who can forget Manbearpig? The game features multiplayer cooperative player for up to four players.

Players get to select which character they want to use int he game, with each one getting their own unique ability. Cartman, for example, has an exclusive "belly barge" attack. The game will launch at a price of 800 Microsoft Points ($10). However, avid South Park fans can get a copy for free if they were planning on buying the 15th season of South Park of Blu-ray or DVD, which was released today. Each disc set comes with a unique code that can be entered on South Park's website. The first 5000 people to enter their code will get the new Xbox Live game for free.

[via CinemaBlend]