South Park 2012 gameplay looks like the tv show

There's a new South Park video game coming out inside the second half of 2012 complete with a role-playing perspective on adventures inside everybody's favorite mountain town. This game is called, simply, South Park: The Game, and has you playing the part of a new kid coming into the town to make both friends and enemies in strange environment after strange environment. What we're seeing this week is a set of gameplay screenshots, each of them showing a new scenario you'll be getting in: and it looks fantastic!

Where past video games surrounding the South park series have been, on the whole, absolutely terrible, this one looks like it'll actually have a chance at being a genuinely good time as elements are not only taken straight from episodes in the TV series, the aesthetics look to be right on. In the past we've been "treated" to such gems as 2D and 3D environments on consoles and mobile platforms alike – now we're back down to brass tacks.

Why playing as a fighter, mage, thief, cleric, or Jew in a game with gameplay looking exactly like the television show itself was never a reality before now is a mystery we might never know the answer to. The fact that we'll be able to play as a Jew beating up gingers, hippies, and vampire kids, well, that's something we'll be sure to cherish for some time to come. Can't wait for this game to drop!

ALSO: this game has been announced for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC thus far. We're hoping for a mobile release as well, but wont hold our breath.

[via RockPaperShotgun]