South LA residents mourn timber cut to clear space shuttle fly-by

We all know that the space shuttle fleet has been retired and the remaining space shuttles are making their way to various museums around the country where they will be displayed for posterity. Space shuttle Endeavour is making its way to the California Science Center soon. People in Los Angeles were excited until they learned recently that for the space shuttle to make it down some LA streets, trees had to fall.

I think most people have probably never seen a space shuttle up close and personal. They are gigantic and need a huge amount of clearance to make it down a city street. The final 12 miles of Endeavour's journey will be made through the streets of South Los Angeles. The journey will include a two-day parade, an overnight stay in Inglewood, and undoubtedly some massive traffic jams.

Recently some people in South LA aren't so excited about the space shuttle making its trip to its final resting place through their neighborhoods. The residents of South LA recently learned that 400 trees would need to be chop down so the space shuttle can make its way down the street. I didn't even know there were 400 trees in South LA.

City work crews have been out in the neighborhoods chopping down trees to clear the final hurdles to Endeavour's new home. However, it's worth noting that the trees chopped down to clear the space shuttle will be replaced. The California Science Center has agreed to replant twice as many trees along the route as it cuts down. Some residents don't think that's good enough. Apparently, some of the trees that will be cut down are old and it can take literally a lifetime for the new trees to grow as large.

[via LA Times]