South Korea Inviting Robots Home

The Korean Ministry of Information and Communication has just launched a national pilot program called the "Ubiquitous Robot Companion." Aimed at testing several consumer robots before commercial launch, the pilot program will place 1,000 of five different robot models in homes across the country. The robots are meant to simply hang around the house, deliver news from the internet, order food, monitor your home, and entertain the kids. The final robots to be placed on the market will retail for around $1,000. The Korean government believes that there will be at least one robot in every home in Korea by 2020. And with the robots constantly connected to the internet, new applications and upgrades can be added at anytime. So, lets just hope there are no robot viruses that can cause you to become hostage in your own home.Korean URC's Released to Homes [Via: RobotGossip]