SoundCloud teams with Twitch to help creators earn money

SoundCloud has teamed up with Twitch to help support creators who can no longer play their live shows in real-life destinations. With this new partnership, SoundCloud says that its Pro, Premier, and Repost by SoundCloud creators will have the option of performing their live works on Twitch live streams, enabling them to earn money with fast-tracked Affiliate status.

Twitch is a live video broadcasting platform that is best known for its gaming users, but that is also used by a variety of other creators across many genres. Streamers have the ability to earn money from their videos by becoming a Twitch Affiliate, which gives them access to money from Bits, subscriptions, and the sale of certain items.

The thing about Twitch Affiliate is that you can't just jump straight into making money — you have to meet certain requirements, including at least seven unique broadcasts in 30 days, 50 followers, at least eight hours of broadcasts in the past 30 days, and more.

This is a problem for many creators who relied on live performances at real-life destinations like events and clubs, but who are suddenly without work due to the pandemic and orders to avoid crowds. That's why SoundCloud partnered with Twitch — under this agreement, the video broadcasting platform will fast-track certain SoundCloud users to Affiliate status so that they can still perform their work and earn money from followers.

Assuming you're a Pro, Premier, or Repost artist, you can make a Twitch account, then send SoundCloud a message using this form to get your account fast-tracked. Users will get an invitation to the Affiliate program from Twitch in their email within 'days,' according to SoundCloud, so that their new account doesn't have to spend 30 days meeting the various requirements.