Soundbomb, oh the possibilities

Looking for a new way to cause trouble and terrorize the general public? Be honest, we know you are. There is something new to add to your stash, the new Soundbomb. It records any sound you can possibly think of; from casual greetings, poems, and of course all those rude bodily functions. It has a motion sensor on it so it only goes off when someone goes past. I swear right now I look like Mr. Burns off of the Simpsons, you know what he looks like when he is plotting.

You can actually do good things with this product, but how could you possibly resist some small innocent pranks here and there. Now I know your mind is reeling with the possibilities, as is mine, but wait there is a slight catch. This product is not in stores you actually have to apply at the creator's website. If he deems your cause worthy he will ship you one. I would give up chocolate for a year to get my hands on one of these guys, my brother and I would have a blast with it.

Next-gen pranks with the soundbomb [via crave]