Sound Tank lays down the boom

In my neck of the woods, there are plenty of cars and trucks that have more watts in stereo gear than the drivers have in brain cells. You know the sort that has more money tied up in wheels and stereo gear than the car is worth even though the paint is falling off the car. An artist named Nik Nowak has taken mobile stereo gear to the next level. Notice I didn't say automotive stereo gear, Nik didn't use a car or truck for his stereo.

Nowak took some sort of Japanese mini dumper and turned it into a treaded, speaker clad beast. I can only assume this thing used to be what we in the States would call a backhoe with treads. Nowak took the digging attachment off and replaced it with the speaker box. The vehicle can still move around on its treads and can take the 4,000 watts of boom with it.

The thing has six 12-inch mid-range drivers, and three 18-inch woofers, along with four tweeters. That is a lot of bass for sure and it may have been perfect to get the looters to leave London, assuming the stereo gear off the tank didn't get looted. The speakers can be raised using the tank hydraulic system. The seat appears to have a mic and some DJ gear along with digital what nots to control the music.

[via GizMag]