Sound ID unveils new 400 Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets have never been more popular than they are now. The reason for this is that many states have hands free laws on the books that make it a requirement to use a hands free device of some sort. Sound ID has announced its new 400 Bluetooth headset that offers some unique features.

The device has a feature called PersonalSound that has three different settings to enhance clarity without needing to raise the volume of the headset. The device also has an Environmental Mode that allows users to hear out of both ears without taking the headset off their ear.

The 400 also has an optional CompanionLink remote microphone that can be placed near a subject you are talking to allowing the user to better hear what is being said in a lecture or other setting. The remote mic makes the 400 a bit like a hearing aid. The 400 will last for 7 hours per charge and 200 hours on standby. The headset will ship in Q4 for $129.99 and the remote mic will sell for $79.99.