Sophia smart jump rope counts calories and syncs with smartphone

Everything is getting smarter these days. The smart trend started with our phones, then moved to watches, and is now moving to jump ropes. Jump ropes have been around forever it seems, but the Sophia jump rope is something altogether new. Rather than having cheap plastic or wood handles, the Sophia jump rope has smart handles with electronics inside that are able to keep track of all sorts of metrics for you.

The handles use Bluetooth to synchronize with a smartphone via an app that runs on the smart device. The app and rope will track calories burned and has a jump and step counter. Apps are available for both Android and iOS and the metrics captured sync with iOS Health and GoogleFit.

The handles have a built in display that shows you metrics without having to dig out your phone. Handles have leather grips and flexible hinges. Power comes from an internal battery that charges via a micro USB port. The jumping rope is made from polymer. The total weight of the handle is 5.7 ounces and the battery stores enough power for a month of use.

Sophia is on Kickstarter now seeking €28,500 and has raised €4,735 with 25 days to go. A pledge of €39 or about $45 in the US will get you a Sophia jump rope with shipping expected in May 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter