Soopa Scoota is a Bike for Daredevils

While there are other bike concepts out there that may seem more out of the ordinary than others, we would like to put on the table that this one takes the cake. And to be honest, we're not even exactly sure if "scooter," or "bike" are the right names for this thing. Though, we will say that it looks like a lot of fun. Especially from the concept images.

Plus, it's got a name like Soopa Scoota, and that's just awesome. You're saying it out loud right now, aren't you? We did it, too, so don't feel bad. Apparently this design is about as concept as it gets, and the designer doesn't know when, or even if, it'll become a reality in the future, but we can keep our fingers crossed. It definitely looks like a strange mix between a motorcycle and a bike, and we imagine there's plenty of daredevils out there that would love to race down a hill with their face only a few inches away from the ground.

If the Soopa Scoota does make it to the market, we wouldn't be surprised to hear that it costs a few hundred bucks. Especially when you consider the "lightweight," "aerodynamic," and "extreme" features of the Soopa Scoota, how could it not be? And who wouldn't pay for it, right? Let us know: would you ride this thing?

[via DVICE]