Sony’s Reader supply runs dry: PRS-T1 imminent?

Chris Davies - Aug 1, 2011, 10:50 am CDT
Sony’s Reader supply runs dry: PRS-T1 imminent?

Sony may have denied it had plans to imminently launch a new range of ereaders, but the company will need to move fast seeing as how supplies of the existing range are apparently exhausted. According to the official SonyStyle store, the Reader Daily Edition, Reader Touch and Reader Pocket are all out of stock, having been recently discounted across the board.

That means, if you want a Sony branded ereader, you’ll have to look to resellers since the company’s own cupboards are bare. Last month, rumors circulated that Sony was planning to refresh its Reader line-up ahead of the S1 and S2 tablets, with two new models priced between $180 and $300. WiFi was expected – presumably to be used to automatically download daily newspaper and digital magazine content, as with the existing Reader Daily Edition – though there was no mention of 3G connectivity.

Sony followed up those rumors with a semi-denial, saying that  “since we have historically released new Readers every year since our initial launch, it is reasonable to assume we will do so again this year” but that the details in the leak were inaccurate. What looks to be a new model, the Sony Reader PRS-T1, was spotted crossing the FCC last week, complete with WiFi b/g/n but no 3G, though other than that no specs were confirmed.

[via The Digital Reader]

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