Sony's PlayStation Studios spending spree may not be over yet

Earlier today, we learned that Sony is buying Returnal developer Housemarque. That's big enough news on its own, but it turns out that Housemarque may not be the only studio Sony is looking to absorb. Around the time the Housemarque announcement went live this morning, PlayStation Japan accidentally leaked what appears to be another major acquisition for Sony.

Apparently, Sony is also cooking up the acquisition of Bluepoint Games. When it was announcing the acquisition of Housemarque, the PlayStation Japan Twitter account accidentally uploaded an image welcoming Bluepoint Games to the PlayStation family. The tweet was quickly pulled, but not before that image was grabbed by Nibellion on Twitter.

So, it would seem that Sony is planning to announce an acquisition of Bluepoint Games shortly. Of course, that announcement may not come today – Sony might want to spread these acquisition announcements out a little bit – but given that an image welcoming Bluepoint to PlayStation Studios has already been created, confirmation probably isn't far off.

A Sony acquisition of Bluepoint Games makes a lot of sense. For more than a decade, Bluepoint has basically acted as Sony's go-to for PlayStation remakes and remasters. Some of the games the studio is responsible for include Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, the Shadow of the Colossus remake for PS4, and the Demon's Souls remake for PlayStation 5 (which was co-developed with Sony's Japan Studio).

In other words, if Sony does announce that it's buying Bluepoint Games, it won't be much of a shock since Bluepoint has worked with Sony a lot throughout its history. We'll see if this acquisition is confirmed later today or later on in the week, so stay tuned for more.