Sony's PlayStation Network+ Could be Announced at E3

Looks like HBO isn't the only thing getting some premium services showcased on Sony's PlayStation Network. Sure enough, while the rumors about a premium version of the long-coveted free PlayStation Network have been just that for quite some time, it looks like the rumors are starting to take a bit more of a solid turn. Sources all over the place are converging on one main thing: it exists, and Sony is going to announce it.

When? Well, that one's pretty obvious: E3. It's just right around the corner, and it's going to be when all of the major players in the video game industry make all of their big announcements. For Sony, along side some other important tid-bits, that falls right into the lap of a premium service offered up for their PlayStation Network. What's going to be included? All sorts of things, but it looks like it may have been whittled down to: exclusive downloadable content (DLC), PSP Minis, "first hour" demo access, Sony Protection Plan services, PSOne Classic titles, and cross-game voice chat.

The sources, unfortunately, have no idea how much it's all going to cost. Though, something that's being bandied about at the moment puts the premium cost at $9.99. So, if you like getting exclusive content because you're paying for it, then it looks like PSN+ is something that you'll be eagerly awaiting. Let's just hope Sony gets around to announcing it.

[via Joystiq]