Sony's own Backup & Restore app hacked, taken over

When you have a smartphone, you'd like to trust that the apps coming straight form the manufacturer of that phone are secure. More to the point, you'd probably safely assume any software designed to access your information stored in your phone would be something that couldn't be compromised in any way. A new report suggests Sony's own backup and restore app has been hacked, but that's not even the most sensational news. Hackers have taken over the app entirely, even claiming ownership in Google Play.

It's not yet clear how the app may have been compromised, but a search for Sony's Backup and Restore app in Google Play show the app as you might expect it to be found, but also shows the Developer as "Nirav Patel Kanudo". The app is now managed by the "HeArt HaCkEr Group."

It's even possible Sony's entire Play Store profile has been compromised. Sony has commented on the situation, but hasn't revealed any info we might find helpful about the situation, or assuring in any way:

Sony Mobile takes the security and privacy of customer data very seriously. We are currently investigating these reports. More information will follow as soon as we have fully assessed the situation.

The fix? Don't use Sony's Backup and Restore app for the time being, and if you've got it installed on your device, delete it (if possible). It's not yet known if the app is doing anything harmful or nefarious, but pirates have taken over Sony's ship. Assume the worst.

Via: Xperia Blog