Sony's Next Generation Portable pricing reasonable but no 3D

Sony's PSP refresh, code named Next Generation Portable (NGP), is a major overhaul two years in the making. But Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai promises that this time around they designed the device with the price in mind.

Having faced criticism in the past for their 2006 PlayStation 3 models for $499 and $599 and their 2009 PSP for $249, Sony is trying to play it safe with the NGP although no specific pricing details have been revealed yet.

"That's something we spent a lot of time on this time around with NGP, to make sure that we don't go off the deep end," says Hirai.

However, keeping it affordable may also have been a factor in Sony's decision to not incorporate 3D in the upcoming NGP scheduled for release before the end of this year. With Nintendo to release a new DS handheld in March that does incorporate 3D, it will be interesting to see how the competing devices will be received.